To confirm the authenticity of information, the Company may request player’s identity verification document. In such cases, the withdrawal of funds from the website will be suspended until the verification is successfully completed.
Below is an example of a series of pictures that you may be requested.
The files have to be qualitative enough and in the JPG or PNG format.
We guarantee all the confidentiality and safety of the files we get and we will not publicize your private information.
This procedure is necessary only to confirm account owner’s identity.
The following pictures may be requested:
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The photo or scan of your identity document, entirely placed in frame with all four corners of document available to see.

You can hide part of the number or series of document with the exception of any two numbers.

3 1.svg
Your open passport
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The photo, where you hold the document described in previous point in expanded form and a piece of paper, where your account’s e-mail is written, near your face.

The document and the paper must not block part of each other’s information or your face.

11 1.svg
Photo with a passport and a piece of paper with a written postal address close to the face
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In case of using a bank card – please send us the photo or scanned images of both sides of your exploited bank card. On the front side of bank card the information can be hidden, but the first six and last four numbers must be readable. On the bank side CVV2 code must be hidden (3 numbers on the back side of the card).

The name of card’s holder and validity of the card must not be hidden.

The obverse side of the bank card
The reverse side of the bank card
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Photo or scanned image of your ID document and bank card (front side), in case if you use it, both being present on the photo.

Your ID document and bank card must not block the information of each other on the photo. You can hide part of the number and series of your ID document and part of card’s number similarly to previous points of the list.

14 1.svg
Photo of passport and bank card in one picture
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Also, if you use other payment systems, you may be additionally requested screenshots of the payment system personal account.

The average time of processing the listed data is two-three work days since the moment of receiving of the letter. As the verification is completed, you will be notified via e-mail attached to your account.

In case of additional questions you can always contact us via online-chat or write a letter to [email protected]