Valorant Betting

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Valorant is one of the fastest-growing esports in the world. This epic hero shooter is a great spectator esport and features fast-paced action. If you enjoy CS GO then you are going to love Valorant!

GGBet has the most extensive Valorant betting markets anywhere in the world! We offer the best odds and HD live streams for all games from the Valorant Champions Tour which is the number 1 Valorant esport league. GGBet also provides the latest news, stats, huge bonuses, and Valorant live scores ensuring you have an amazing online betting experience.

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a 5v5 first-person hero shooter and has been dubbed the CS GO killer. The game has many similarities with Counter-Strike but also features elements of multiplayer online battle arena games as the characters known as agents have special powers. The objective of Valorant is to eliminate the opposing team and plant or defuse the spike. Teams need to win 13 rounds to win the match.

Valorant was only released in 2020 but immediately achieved incredible success. The game was able to convert many CS GO, Call of Duty, and Halo players. Valorant is one of the top esports in the world and boasts just under 30 million monthly unique gamers. The top esport competition is the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) which features the best teams from all over the world including Sentinels, OpTic Gaming and LOUD. VCT tournaments feature 6 and 7-figure prize pools and are run by the developer of Valorant Riot Games who also created League of Legends in 2009.

What Valorant Bets Can You Make at GGBet?

GGBet offers the highest number of Valorant bets in the world! Take advantage of over 20 different bet types and epic odds right now. Here are some amazing Valorant bets you can make:

  • Moneyline – Predict which Valorant team is going to win the match. For example, put your money on LOUD to defeat Sentinels.
  • Over/under – You need to predict if a Valorant match stat will be higher or lower than the line set by GGBet. For example the number of kills in a game or the duration of a match.
  • Live betting – Bet on Valorant esports games as they are being played. You can watch the game and see which team is playing well before placing your bet.
  • Futures – Predict which Valorant team will win a tournament or event. For example, bet on OpTic Gaming to win a Valorant Champions Tour event.

The Valorant betting action never stops at GGBet! You can bet on incredible weekly matches and gamble on every aspect of the game. Create your account now and with the click of a button start picking winners!

How to Make Your First Valorant Bet?

GG Bet Valorant betting could not be easier! You can sign up in under 5 minutes and start betting right away. To place your first Valorant bet follow these steps:

  • Create your GGBet account
  • Deposit instantly via debit and credit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfer
  • Tap on Valorant
  • Select a Valorant game
  • Pick a bet type
  • Enter your bet amount and hit confirm!

Valorant betting is as simple as placing some money on your favorite team and hoping they win. To improve your chances of winning you should take the time to watch some previous matches and analyze both teams, study their strengths and weaknesses and see what strategies they are employing. Also, make sure to review some match stats!

What Valorant Tournaments Can You Bet On at GGBet?

Valorant is known for having exciting esports tournaments which feature huge prize pools and uber-talented players from around the world. At GGBet you can stream and bet on all matches from VCT tournaments throughout the year as well as local qualifying events. These are some of the most popular tournaments you can stream and live bet on:

  • VCT EMEA League - Tune in and watch the best European Valorant teams battle it out for glory!
  • VCT Pacific League - All of the best Valorant teams from the Pacific will be competing hard to win the 6 figure prize pool up for grabs!
  • VCT Masters - This is considered the world championship of Valorant and only the most elite teams from each regional league compete. There are millions of dollars up grabs!

Are you looking for the best Valorant betting odds? Do you want to live stream every VCT tournament? Then sign up to GGBet in less than 5 minutes, claim your massive welcome bonus and bet on world-class weekly Valorant games now!