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American football is one of the top betting markets at GGBet. There are almost 200 million fans and it is the US’s most popular sport. American football betting is a great way to make even the most boring game a thrilling viewing experience while giving yourself the chance to win cash! At GGBet you can bet on every aspect of a game and even bet live on matches as they are being played.

Basic American Football Facts

Did you know American football was first played way back in 1869? American football was invented by Walter Camp who was a Yale rugby player. He altered the rules of rugby and created the scrimmage, players per side, and the quarterback position. These changes laid the foundation for modern American football. The NFL was invented in 1920 and quickly grew into a fully professional league. The average NFL salary is now almost $3 million!

American football is a simple sport but with quite a few rules. The goal of the game is to progress the ball down the field and cross the opposing team’s touchdown line to score. A touchdown is worth 6 points, an additional point is added if the team kicks the extra point goal and a field goal is worth 3 points. The NFL is the most watched football league by far in the world. College football is also extremely popular in the US with popular teams like Alabama and LSU drawing bigger crowds than some NFL teams.

What American Football Bet Types Are Available at GGBet?

At GGBet, you can bet on every single aspect of an American football game. This makes implementing your betting strategy easy and ensures that every game is exciting to watch. We have over 20 different American football bet types. Here are some of our most popular American football betting markets:

  • Moneyline - Bet on your favorite football team to win a game. For example, bet on Texas Tech to beat Oklahoma State or place money on the New York Giants to beat the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Totals - Guess how many points will be scored in an American football game. This bet is presented as an over/under where GGBet sets the line and then you need to predict whether the number of points will be higher or lower than the line. For example, the line for an NFL game maybe 42 points if you take the under and 41 points or less are scored you win!
  • Handicap - GGBet puts an imaginary a - or + points handicap on an American football game and you need to predict which team will win taking into account the handicap. For example, if you bet on the San Diego Chargers to win with a - 5.5 then for your bet to pay out the Chargers need to win by 6 or more points.

How to Make Your First American Football Bet at GGBet?

Betting on American football at GGBet is easy! You can sign up in under 5 minutes and make your first bet with the click of a button. Just follow these steps to get started:

  • Create your GGBet account - Enter your name, date of birth, and email, create a password, and select your currency
  • Deposit instantly via credit and debit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfer
  • Tap on American football on the left of your screen
  • Click a game - You can bet on NCAA, NFL, and CFL games
  • Choose your bet type - Take advantage of over 20 different bet types including money line, handicap, and totals
  • Select your bet size
  • Confirm your bet!

GGBet has simplified the sign-up and betting process so you can effortlessly bet on American football while receiving the best odds and amazing bonuses. Before you make American football bets see our betting tips below!

Popular American Football Tournaments

American Football, a sport synonymous with American culture, is celebrated across the nation through various prestigious tournaments. The sport is played at various levels, from high school and college to professional leagues.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of American football, held annually on the first Sunday in February. It's the championship game of the National Football League (NFL), where the winners of the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) face each other in a game that captivates the nation.

The Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl, often referred to as "The Granddaddy of Them All", is the oldest American football tournament that has been held annually since 1902. It's a traditional part of the college football postseason schedule and is among the most prestigious events in the college football landscape.

The Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is the NFL's all-star game, where the best players from the AFC and NFC, as chosen by coaches, players themselves and fans, compete against each other. It serves as a fun-filled end to the American football season.

Each of these tournaments captures the spirit of the sport and the passion of its fans, proving that American football is much more than just a game; it's a part of American life.

Whether you're a diehard fan or just an occasional spectator, these tournaments are sure to entertain and inspire. So get out there and enjoy some American football! Let the games begin!

The NCAA Football Championship

The NCAA Football Championship is the premier college football event in the country, featuring college teams from all over competing for the ultimate prize in college football. It is a single-elimination tournament that entails three rounds of playoffs before the championship game. It not only serves as an opportunity for teams to prove their skills, but also provides an exciting experience for college football fans everywhere who want to see which team will be crowned champion.

The College Football Playoff

The College Football Playoff (CFP) is a post-season single-elimination tournament that determines the national champion of Division I college football. It has been held annually since 2014 and consists of four teams selected by a 13-member selection committee to compete in the semifinals, with the winners advancing to the championship game. This high-stakes matchup has become one of the most exciting events on the college football calendar.

The Canadian Football League Championship

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is the top professional league in Canada and one of the most popular sports leagues in North America. It's annual championship game, known as the Grey Cup, pits teams from the East Division and West Division against each other to determine who will be crowned CFL champions. This tournament is a celebration of the sport and its devoted fans, who come together to enjoy one of the most thrilling tournaments in professional sports.

American Football is alive and well in North America, and these prestigious tournaments are just some of the ways that it's celebrated throughout the continent. Whether you're a hardcore fan or just an occasional spectator, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Get out there and enjoy some football! Let the games begin!

Women's American Football Tournaments

Women's American football tournaments are gaining more recognition in recent years as opportunities to celebrate female players and fans of the sport.

The WFA (Women's Football Alliance) Championship is an annual tournament that celebrates women’s football and the talent of the players in this growing sport. The WFA is the largest women’s tackle football league in the United States, with teams from all over competing for a chance to be crowned champions.

The IWFL (Independent Women's Football League) also has an annual tournament that celebrates women's American football. Founded in 2000, the IWFL is a professional level league that enables female football players to play at an elite level. The tournament showcases some of the most talented players in women's American Football and is sure to be an exciting event for fans of the sport.

This just goes to show that women are taking center stage in American football and making their mark on the world of sports. From the Super Bowl to the WFA Championship, these tournaments offer an exciting glimpse into the world of American football and a chance to celebrate the athletes who make this sport so special. So get out there and show your support for female players in American Football! Let's hear it for women's football!

How To Win Your Next American Football Bet?

American football betting is all about predicting who is going to win a game or correctly guessing a certain in-game statistic. To improve your win percentage follow these tips:

  • Analyze stats - The powerful stats are average points scored and conceded, record in away and home games, head-to-head records, and a team’s record over their last 5 games.
  • Bet on teams you follow closely - If you are a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan then you will know when they are playing well and when you should bet on them to win!
  • Take advantage of GGBet’s bonuses- The easiest way to boost your winnings and enjoy some risk-free sports betting is to claim one of our awesome bonuses.

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